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About Hillsburg Crafts 'N' Supplies :


Hillsburg Crafts 'N' Supplies is a Unique Specialty Online Shop that strives in creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted quality products from a mixture of natural and artificial products. Each item is so beautifully and delicately crafted.


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We Specialize in Fairy Houses, Fairy Doors, Fairy Furniture, Fairy Accessories and Best Selling Spooky Fairy Figurines.

We are a Canadian owned Home based business in the rural area of Roblin, Manitoba, Canada. 

We can ship our products anywhere with our online store. 

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Hillsburg Crafts 'N' Supplies: About us work space pic

Hillsburg Handmade Crafts:

Hillsburg Crafts 'N' Supplies Products are made with handpicked natural materials  picked all around Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  


There is multiply types of wood use for each product such as Poplar, Spruce, and different types of fruit tree branches. Other Natural materials like stones, moss, pine cones, flowers and much more are supplied from Hillsburg Crafts 'N' Supplies home lands in Manitoba. 

Artificial materials are used as a finishing product, leaving each and every product beautiful and stunning!



All handmade and some craft supplie products are designed and crafted by Patrisha Bergeron - Sinclair. 

Many hours are spent on delicately crafting each product, great care and attention is put into every detail. 

Hillsburg Crafts 'N' Supplies: Patrisha Bergeron Crafter

Hillsburg's Crafters: